Though it has been a several months since the last prophecy update, it was not without good reason.  I felt it was necessary to wait until our new president's true agenda with Israel came to light.  And so it has.  Recall Obama's presidential campaign where time after time he vowed strong support for Israel?  Here's a little reminder:
June 4, 2008, the day after Obama claimed the Democrat Party presidential nomination, he spoke at the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) with a mission to convince the strongest U.S. pro-Israel lobby that he was a friend of Israel.  He reassured members, "I will never compromise when it comes to Israel's security."  He later stated that he would "keep the threat of military action on the table to defend our security and our ally Israel.  Do not be confused.  Sometimes there are no alternatives to confrontation."  He further stated support for a two-state Israel-Palestinian solution to peacefully resolve the Middle East conflict.
If the above statements seem contradictory, they are.  What does "never compromise" mean to Obama?  Supporting a two-state solution is not a pro-Israel stance.  Obama lied when he made a special trip to Israel on July 24, 2008 to reassure its people and Jewish voters in America that he would not undermine the traditionally close links between America and its key ally in the Middle East.  I knew this was all propaganda.  Obama wanted Jewish votes, and he wanted Christian conservatives to vote for him.  Once elected, his tune changed, and now we are witnessing prophetic events unfold at a rapid pace (my opinion).

Obama's so-called support for Israel has taken a back seat since his inauguration.  As early as February, reports of relentless pressure from the Obama Administration to give up land for peace has created a serious strain on the America-Israel relationship. 
Recent media reports indicate Jerusalem is also on the table.  Israeli intelligence reports have been consistently less than positive, claiming that Obama's support for Israel is nothing more than superficial. 

March 19, 2009 saw a shocking headline:  "
Obama about to betray Israel, says former intel official."  Israel may soon be without American support, forced to stand alone.  A former top U.S. intelligence official warned that the Obama Administration is about to break America's long ties of friendship with Israel, and maybe even take steps toward the dissolution of the Jewish state!  This would not be immediate, but subtle over the next couple of years.  The report stated U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has clarified that Washington is none too pleased with incoming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's refusal to commit to the creation of a sovereign Palestinian-Arab state with Jerusalem as its capital.  Netanyahu has it right.  Hopefully he will remain firm.

The Obama Administration is eventually going to force Israel to negotiate with terrorists.  There are a number of ways to accomplish this, and some prophecy scholars suggest the fastest method would be via economic sanctions.  Here's why.  For many years the United Nations has threatened economic sanctions against Israel to force peace.  Such a
U.N. declaration would prevent Israel from global trade, all but destroying their economy.  The only thing stopping such action is a U.S. veto.  If the Obama Administration decides to remove their veto, that would leave Israel isolated.  The Book of Revelation suggests this sort of isolation is exactly what Israel will face during the tribulation period.

We should pause to consider the enormous blessings America has received when standing with Israel.  These blessings, in my opinion, are being removed, which began during the Clinton Administration.  When Clinton had little success, Bush strongly supported a two-state solution, and also placed pressure on Israel to give up land for peace, including dividing Jerusalem.  I firmly believe there is a relationship between our economic downfall and both the Bush and Obama Administrations' plans to further divide Israel.  God is clear on this subject, giving a stern warning to those who would turn against Israel:

       "I will bless those who bless you,
       and whoever curses you I will curse;
       and all peoples on earth
       will be blessed through you."
                             Genesis 12:3

       "I will enter into judgment on behalf
       of My people and My inheritance Israel
       and those who have divided up My land"
                             Joel 3:2

The U.S. government's position on Israel may lead to a bigger economic calamity:  global war.  Now that Israel is seeing "the handwriting on the wall" (Daniel 5:5), they may feel a need to act fast against Iran.  Some have said the only reason Israel has not yet attacked Iran is due to pressure from the U.S.  That may no longer matter.  There have been a number of reports indicating Israel is seriously considering taking unilateral military action to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, according to top U.S. political experts.  In just the past 30 days, headlines have read, "Israel Seriously Considering Iran Military Op", "The Iran-Israel Nuclear Endgame is Now Much Closer", "U.S. Report Claims War Between Israel & Iran Inevitable In 2009", "Iran:  We Can Hit Israeli Nuclear Sites".

Without question, a nuclear attack in the Middle East would drive the world into economic chaos.  Prophecy scholars and commentators suggest we are witnessing the approach of a final series of prophetic events just before the Lord calls His Church home.  With the looming global economic situation, such an incident would create economic chaos.  Combine that with the rapture of the Church, and the perfect scenario is set for a "global leader" to come to the rescue.  Are you ready? 

I'll leave you with a question.  As we read in the Book of Revelation, the Antichrist will require a "mark" in order to do commerce of any kind.  How do you think the mark will be administered?  Think you have the answer?  Take another look at what it may be here:

Looking up,

Tim Osterholm


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